Pastor's Recommended reading list

Here is a list of books I recommend for your spiritual growth and development. these are all books I have read which have impacted my life. I have tried to organize them based on topic.
--Pastor Danny

The Bible - First and foremost, read the bible.
Read the Bible before anything else.
read the bible more than anything else.

The Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life
Donald Whitney
This is a comprehensive book on the topic of the Spiritual Disciplines. It is both informative and extremly practical.
Praying The Bible
Donald Whitney
The is one of the best books on prayer I've ever read. It has impacted my prayer life a great deal. If you only read one book on pray, make it this one.
Celebration of Discipline
Richard Foster
This book is very similar to "Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life." It walks you through 12 different spiritual disciplines. Foster describes each discipline and gives practical advice.

Marriage / Family / Sexuality

What Did You Expect?
Paul David Tripp
Excellent book for all married couples who want to understand the purpose of marriage, the true meaning of love, and practical tips for improving their marriage.
God, Marriage, And Family
Andreas J. Kostenberger
WARNING: This is a very theological book. It is rather thick and not a quick read. That being said, it is excellent and covers a lot of topics. This is a great book to have on your shelf as a reference.
The 5 Love Languages
Gary Chapman
This is a classic...and for good reason. If you truly want to love your spouse, you need to know how they receive love. This book will help.
For Men Only
Shaunti & Jeff Feldhahn
Husbands, do you want to understand your wife better? Read this book.
For Women Only
Shaunti Feldhahn
Wives, do you want to understand your husband better? Read this book.

the Church

How To Build A Healthy Church
Mark Dever & Paul Alexander
A very practical book that covers everything topics like church leadership, what the church should do when it meets, taking in new members, church discipline, members meetings, and more.
Church Membership
Jonathan Leeman
This is part of a series by 9Marks called "Building Healthy Churches." This is a small book that focuses on the importance of church membership and why it matters.
Church Elders
Jeramie Rinne
Another book in the "Building Healthy Churches" series by 9Marks, this entry is all about the office of elder, or what we today call Pastor. It covers who can and can't be a Pastor, as well as the the primary responsibilities of Pastors.
Matt Smethurst
Another book in the "Building Healthy Churches" series by 9Marks, the title sums up the book very well. This book is about the office of deacon, who can be a deacon, and what deacons do.
I Am A Church Member
Thom S Rainer
This small book looks at the proper attitudes and actions of a church member. If you want to be an asset to your church family, read this book.
The Compelling Community
Mark Dever & Jamie Dunlop
This book is all about the power of the church. When the church looks like the biblical church, the power of God will be manifest and the world will take notice.

Social / Cultural Issues

The Tech-Wise Family
Andy Crouch
A must read for every family who utilizes any form of technology from smartphones, to email, to video games, etc. So, all of us. Parents especially need to read this.
Voddie Baucham Jr.
A biblical and accurate assessment of the social justice movement in the 21st century and how it is negatively affecting the Gospel.
The Gospel & Racial Reconciliation
Russell Moore & Andrew Walker
This is one volume in a series titled "The Gospel For Life." It is a short book addressing how the Gospel informs our understanding of race and racial reconciliation.
The Gospel & Religious Liberty
Russell Moore & Andrew Walker
This is one volume in a series titled "The Gospel For Life." It is a short book addressing how the Gospel informs our understanding of religious liberty.
How The Nations Rage
Jonathan Leeman
The subtitle of this book is "Rethinking Faith & Politics." As followers of Christ, our primary identity is NOT tied to a political party, but to Christ.


Dave Ramsay
So, this isn't a's a person. But I'm a big fan of Dave Ramsay and his financial philosophy and advice. Look him up.
Neither Poverty Nor Riches
Craig L. Blomberg
The subtitle of this book is "A biblical theology of possessions." It traces the concept of money and possessions throughout Scripture. It is a theology book, but ends with good practical insights.


An Introduction to the Old Testament
Raymond B. Dillard & Tremper Longman III
This is a great resource for studying the Old Testament. It contains a chapter for every book of the Old Testament providing both historical information and theological insight.
Theology of the New Testament
Frank Thielman
This is a not an easy read. It is more like a text book. However, it offers great insights into the theology of the New Testament.
Delighting In The Trinity
Michael Reeves
As complicated of an issue as the Trinity is, this book does an amazing job at helping us understand (as best we can) this great mystery. Furthermore, it offers some great practical insights.
The Baptist Faith & Message
If you've never read the Baptist Faith and Message, you should. You can find it free online. Or there are several books and Bible Studies you can use as well. I recommend the Bible Study by Charles S. Kelly Jr., Richard Land, and R. Alpert Mohler Jr.
New Dictionary of Biblical Theology
Editors: T. Desmond Alexander, Brian S. Rosner, D.A.Carson, & Graeme Goldsworthy
This is a dictionary of theological terms, ideas, and people. This is not a book you necessarily read cover to cover, but it is a great resource for Bible Study.


The Worship of God
Ralph P. Martin
This is a great book on the topic of worship. It is true to Scripture and offers a very practical approach to understanding how we worship. This book covers everything from singing, to the sermon, to baptism, to communion, and more.
Keith & Kristyn Getty
This is a very short book on the specific topic of singing and how singing is an important part of our worship.
Recalling the Hope of Glory
Allen P. Ross
This is another book which is NOT a particularly easy read...but it is amazing. It traces the topic of worship in the Bible from the Garden of Eden to the New Creation.